ziarovka Laser show software everyone can use

Do you want to create amazing laser shows? And do you already hate complicated laser show software?

Showtacle software and controllers are developed by people like you, laser show fanatics. We focus on what’s important – for you to create laser shows faster and easier.

moncha lego


Quick setup, easy to use, intuitive laser show controller.

Well suited for newcomers, highly recommended for those who own a laser device with standard ILDA input but don’t have a lot  of experience with laser systems. Simple setup and control via smartphone app - Artnet Guru, available for both Android and iOS.

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moncha box


One of the most complex laser show controller on market.

If you need a laser controller with all the standard connectors (DMX IN/OUT, ILDA), a small display which allows you to have direct access to the settings of the laser device, but you are not a laser manufacturer, then choose our mocha box. We care for you and the highest quality of each product.

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moncha lite


This product truly is the smallest and most affordable Ethernet Laser Show Controller.

In case you specialize in manufacture of smaller, more affordable laser devices, we would like to introduce you the moncha.lite, which will pleasantly surprise you with its affordable price, user-friendly software and all the standard connector options (ILDA, ArtNET).

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moncha display


Provide multiple ways of controlling your laser.

If you are a manufacturer of laser devices, you can make great use of moncha.display laser controller. Moncha.display allows you to use display, external ILDA IN and all of the standard connectors (DMX IN/OUT, ILDA). Moncha dispaly is suitable for bigger and higher quality lasers.

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Are you looking for new software options for laser control?

moncha sw 52

Moncha software

Easily create your own or use thousands of pre-made effects and shows.

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fiesta soft

Fiesta software

The only software that knows how to satisfy your imagination.

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Why don't you want to use smartphone app for controlling lasers?

tablet mobile

ArtNet Guru app

Are you tired of the big, complicated, useless software you have to wrestle with, when you want to use laser devices in a bar, at some event or just to have fun with friends?

We recommend you to try the new Artnet Guru app, which supports both Android and iOS. Go on and try using many of the pre-made effects, animations, texts and much more, all for free. Use the default settings or create your own configurations and share it all on each of your devices.

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