Your favorite Fiesta works at FULL POWER

Fiesta.NET is a new laser show controller working over Ethernet. The main advantages are perfectly smooth laser output, maximal scan rate up to 100 000 pps and integrated DMX control (out and in).

Technical parameters - better than ever

100k pps

Maximal Scan Rate


Frames Per Second


Integrated IN/OUT




Control Option

Smooth and Stable output - S&S

The laser show effect or animation is always perfectly smooth even while using more laser systems at once. Also the colours of your laser system will shine like never before - thanks to external power source Fiesta.NET provides FULL POWER for your laser system.

typical usage

Ethernet installation - faster and easier!

Thanks to Ethernet connection Fiesta.NET allows our clients easier and faster installations. If you require a 100% reliable solution, you just need to use one Ethernet cable from the control center to the stage. There you can put one Ethernet switch and, finally, you are ready to connect your lasers.


Quick and easy configuration

While developing Fiesta.NET controller we focused on simplicity, well-known from Fiesta software.

It takes usually less than a minute to configure already connected Fiesta.NET devices. You don't need to worry about changing IP address of your computer or other complicated stuff - just plug your Fiesta.NET and you can start work straightaway.

However, the setting of every device's IP address is more similar to the setting DMX address than the setting complicated accessories of your computer.

fiesta soft

Fiesta Laser Control Software

The only software that knows how to satisfy your imagination. Create professional laser effects and laser shows as you always wish to.

With Fiesta you can control plenty of laser projectors. It's true! You can use and control all of the lasers without any restrictions. You simply use that colour balancing and each effect is projected correctly with the other one at once, and more.

Wi-Fi controlling

Especially for large laser show events you usually have to use lots of wires. That's where the Wi-Fi connection saves you! Yes, you can use Fiesta.NET even over Wi-Fi.

Whole workspace and all the features of the Fiesta.NET are working over Wi-Fi in real time. So let's go to edit some shows or handle whole live events without usual huge amount of cables...

But what happens when the Wi-Fi signal is lost? Fiesta.NET will reconnect and start to work again after the signal restores. 

wifi 3