making-of big laser show

Typical Laser Show Problems

14 December 2017, Laser show

If you’ve ever created laser show for more lasers, I’m sure you always thought, oh how great it will be, when I finally play it on lasers. And usually – it’s not. Don't be worried, we identify laser shows mistakes for you.

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making-of big laser show

Creating multi laser scenes in Moncha

08 December 2017, Laser show

Let’s be honest, laser show with one or two lasers is not interesting for clients anymore. The prices of the lasers have dropped a lot last few years, so it’s a lot easier to start using many lasers in your shows. The real problem is, how to create nice content for multi laser shows.

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making-of big laser show

We’ve won the second place at the prestigious ILDA Awards

30 November 2017, General

It looks like there’s not a lot you can come up with to surprise the laser systems scene nowadays. But we have our ways at Showtacle. Let see what are we talking about...

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making-of big laser show

Moncha.NET PRO? - nice new laser controller from Laserwaves

23 November 2017, Laser hardware

Moncha.lite is really versatile in terms of use. Our colleague Markus Veirto from Finland produced really nice product, similar to our former Fiesta.NET PRO. Let's hear some information about it from Markus directly.

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making-of big laser show

Making-of Laser show from Karachi

15 November 2017, Laser show

Well, we had a lot of fun in Pakistan. And we’ve made a little “behind-the-scenes” video from backstage of the show.

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planning for 18 laser

Moncha 5.2 - 3D laser preview

3 November 2017, Laser software

Why do we need 3D laser preview in the laser show software? You can find out in our latest video blog.

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planning for 18 laser

Moncha 5.2 - biggest Moncha ever!

19 October 2017, Laser software

New version of Moncha 5.2 bring a lot of requested features – graphic card accelerated 3D laser preview, Midi and ArtNet controls or new features for multi-scanner laser shows.

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planning for 18 laser

Laser Show for 18 Lasers Part 4 - What software should I use?

16 October 2017, Laser show

The thing I struggled most was the choice of the software. In the past, I would go for Fiesta, because in the past you could not do multi-laser shows in Moncha. But the latest version we’ve release has improved so much, I decided to give it a try.

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planning for 18 laser

Laser Show for 18 Lasers Part 3 - Choosing the right Music

04 October 2017, Laser show

I think the music makes at least 50% of the great laser show. To be honest, I’m keen on trance/dance music, but that’s not suitable for this kind of events. Anyway, how to do a good music decision, you can find right in this post.

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planning for 18 laser

Laser Show for 18 Lasers Part 2 - Planning of a big laser show

25 September 2017, Laser show

The planning is important. Maybe if you do shows within 100 kilometers radius of your house, it’s not required, but if you have to transfer all your technical stuff 4000km away, it’s better to plan. Read and learn how to plan correct.

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planning for 18 laser

Laser Show for 18 Lasers Part 1 - Client's Requirements

11 September 2017, Laser show

In these article series, I’ll try to describe all the problems and issues you’ll have to probably solve when creating big laser shows. I’ll try to give you a detailed idea, what all steps you should do when dealing with a client, preparing the laser show or perform it.

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The Real World Development

28 November 2016, Laser show

This year we worked so hard to innovate our products like Moncha Go Laser Controller or Laser Software Moncha 5. We also visited ILDA conference where we released the very first information about our new Fiesta for Mac. Furthermore, we have successfully used the beta version of this software at Laser Jockey competition and we won the 2nd place!

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Laser show software evolution pt.3

23 November 2016, Laser software

Do you want to know more about "Live laser show and how to combine it with music synchronized laser shows"?

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Moncha 5 - The Biggest Release ever

06 November 2016, Laser software

Moncha has become quite popular since we’ve released first edition in 2008. It’s because it’s probably the easiest laser show software available and because it offers really good price / value ratio. But times are changing, clients want more and more, laser shows are bigger than ever and that's the reason why Moncha has to change...

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laser evolution pt.2

Laser show software evolution pt.2

28 October 2016, Laser software

Live or music synchronized show, complicated laser effects and much more in this article.

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laser evolution

Laser show software evolution pt.1

21 October 2016, Laser Software

If you expect some laser show software comparison here, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. This article is about laser software evolution.

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laser dictionary

Laser show dictionary

23 September 2016, General

There are plenty of terms related to laser shows you should know about. This is the short list of the most important ones.

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moncha love

Moncha Lite, our small love

09 September 2016, Laser hardware

Many of you have noticed that we’ve introduced a new laser controller – Moncha Go. For sure, what you haven't known yet is how was this little darling developed.

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What should I know before buying a laser projector

02 September 2016, General

Just like every other area, there are lots of things you should know before making laser shows. In this article we're going to try to gather information we would like to have before we've started working with lasers.

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vahy 4

10 Reasons for buying Moncha Go Laser Controller

13 August 2016, Laser Hardware

Are you thinking about whether you should try using Moncha Go as your new laser controller, but you still haven't made a decision, yet? Here are 10 reasons why you should go for it!

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twitter 3

Listen to our Twitts

11 August 2016, Social network

We are pretty new on Twitter and we are just now looking for our first followers. So, if you want to be one of them, NOW IS the best TIME to do it.

fiesta sof

Fiesta video Tutorials now available

04 August 2016, Laser software tutorials

We prepared 19 video tutorials for all of you who need little help with the Fiesta software.

Do you need any other help which is unable to find in our video tutorials? Please, don't hesitate and let us know.

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my favorite laser shows

My favorite laser shows

30 July 2016, Laser shows

I think people working with lasers, especially the new users, like to watch laser shows created by others. In this article I'd like to present my favourite laser shows...

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product history 2

Our laser history pt.2

20 July 2016, Laser hardware

As I said in my previous blog post, we started out by developing the Fiesta 2 software. It’s the base of the latter Fiesta.NET software, which is used till now...

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product history 1

Our laser history pt.1

10 July 2016, Laser hardware

The first hardware device we tried to develop was multipurpose laser show player. It was actually the reason why we started Showtacle as...

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about us

Who we are?

14 June 2016, News

Before we talk about our laser shows, I’d like to introduce ourselves. I think it’s important to explain why we’ve started the company and what’s our focus...

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