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Facts about Moncha.NET

The most universal laser controller on market

  • small board with strong possibilities
  • ultimate drawing with the sharpest edges
  • draw complex laser shows
  • cheapest way to controlling your lasers
  • simple build-in or external solution
  • innovations in every angle
  • safety at first place
  • easy control software for every moncha user, and for free!

Try moncha and you get for free

  • 182 laser shows, what is about 800 minutes nonstop drawing
  • 400 different effects and animation
  • tutorial videos and documentation
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Are you looking for the most simple way to create the best laser show in few minutes?

Choose moncha.net right now!

Control possibility

sd cardSD-Card

You can store up to 255 different animations or even complete laser shows on your SD-Card. Using DMX you can switch among the animations. You can also set all the required properties of drawing - size, position, rotation, brightness, scan-rate, animation speed, colour, ...

Since you can use SD-Card with size up to 32GB, it's no problem to store up to 20 hours of high quality laser show on one card.


You can control Moncha.NET device in real time, e.g. using Moncha.NET or latest Fiesta.NET software. While you create graphics or shows, you'll be able to preview the whole work on your laser system, even using wireless Wi-Fi signal.

You can also create laser show effects or complete laser shows and save them to Moncha.NET's SD-Card. Since SD-Card uses standard FAT32 file system, you can use any cheap card reader to do that.

On the top of it Moncha.NET comes with great possibility to upload animations or shows directly from software. Remotely you can also setup stand alone mode, define brightness map or control colour balance and colour fade curves.

In Ethernet mode Moncha.NET allows you to control also DMX devices.


Moncha.NET allows you to use it without any computer or DMX controller. It's perfect especially for advertisement or some other special applications, where no computer is required.

It is possible to define file to play using DIP switch or even using special text file stored on the SD-Card. This allows you to play files remotely, which is perfect feature especially for laser advertisement. By using Ethernet upload feature you can also change stored shows and animations.

Technical look on basic moncha board

moncha board

Moncha.NET board is really small (82x55x20 mm), so it's completely easy to integrate it into any present laser show system. You can use all mostly using connectors as DMX IN/OUT, ILDA, Ethernet IN/OUT, SD-Card and DIP switch. Each of these connections give you different options to control your laser.



laser safety warning

In these days, laser show controllers usually don't allow to keep the show safe while controlled over DMX - they always play the scenes at full power. Moncha.NET comes with great possibility to define brightness map even for DMX mode! And not only simple brightness map - you can also define fades, e.g. at the bottom of the drawing area, the picture will fade to 0, while going higher the image will fluently fade to 100%.

You can define up to unlimited(!) different rectangular brightness areas for DMX and Stand-alone mode.